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Tailor-made for the famous Cineversum Blackwing and its dedicated options such as the Cine-Twist anamorphic kit or the FSST Passive 3D Kit, this lift can also accomodate most large and heavy video projectors up to 25 Kg of weight.

The lift for Blackwing is supplied with an extremely silent motor. Choose between M9201400 and M9201404 model if 96cm or 196cm of descent is needed.

Projector Lift Tec Control

Projector Lift

  • Supports Blackwing series projectors
  • High quality motorization
  • Quiet and smooth operation
  • Integrated cables duct for a tidy and safe cabling
  • Heavy-duty construction ideal for most applications
  • Model M9201400 allows a descent of maximum of 96 cm.
  • Model M9201404 allows a descent of maximum of 196 cm.


  • Power Supply: 220-230v 50Hz (110-130v on demand)
  • Maximum consumption: 184 W
  • Maximum weight capacity: 55 lbs. (25 kg)
  • Motor Speed: 17 Rpm
  • Mounting points: 370 mm x 400mm (W x D max)
  • Maximum OVERALL size of projector: 570x600x270 mm. (W x D x H)
  • M9201400 dims and weight (W x D x H): 576 x 555 x 150 or 960 mm , 12 kg
  • M9201404 dims and weight (W x D x H): 576 x 555 x 230 or 1960 mm , 15 kg

Retention Spring

To perfectly fit the opening trap, the plate is mounted on four individual retention springs used to firmly position the trap onto the ceiling.

Integrated cables duct

This lift comes with an articulated duct where to put the cables connected to the projector, so they will be hidden and tidy gathered.
Dims projector Lift


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