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Cineversum News and Press Releases 2016

Summer Holidays

Our staff will be away for a very short period during August for the summer vacations. Cineversum will be back on the 23rd of August. We hope to see you soon and don't hesitate to leave a message to our new export manager Ines on info@cineversum.com.

Larger, brighter and better!

3D pictures do have a terrible reputation, this is why we wanted to make use of only the best techniques and technologies for our 3D projectors. The Ultimate passive 3D kit brings the visual qualty of studio's 3D pictures to your home cinema. Check our Ultimate 3D passive kit for Blackwing Series and our Ultimate 3D passive kit for Force Series.

The Blackwing Series MK2016: big numbers, small projectors

Whilst everyone is raging for or against the 4K format, we at Cineversum were focused on bringing better pixels instead, embrassing Dolby Vision's and SMPTE 2086 Perceptual Quantizer concepts, bringing together with a flawless 4K resolution, HDR pictures at a brightness level never experienced within a larger color gamut. Check out the new Blackwing range.

Larger and brighter anamorphic lens this year

New Static Anamorphic Lens kit for Blackwing Series. Check out the new Anamorphic kit with an higher quality lens and permanent install mount.

Happy New Year 2016!

We are Paris. The entire Cineversum team wishes you an happy New Year 2016.

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