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Cineversum News and Press Releases 2014

New Phantom finish now available on Blackwing Series

Instead of the regular glossy black paint, this special edition uses a new matt painting that drastically reduces the light from reflecting on the projector. As a result the projector becomes much more discrete, that's why we called it the Phantom. Make sure to specify the desired finish to your dealer!

World highest contrast 3D picture obtained from a single-head projector.

Cineversum is proud to release the new Passive 3D kit for Blackwing Series. The new 3D kit keeps its previous form factor but comes with improved performances and it is even easier to configure. 3D pictures has never been so simple to obtain from a single projector install. The Blackwing can now address larger screens up to 500cm wide using the new screen fabrics optimized for Passive 3D technology. Visit the Passive 3D Kit web page.

The Blackwing Series MK2014 now accept 4K inputs

4K, Ultra High-Definition sources are to become more and more available under the initiative of the Blue-ray Disc Association (BDA). This new format is 4 times the definition of that of 1080p Full-HD and produces the sharpest picture ever available, even at the cinema. Check out the Blackwing MK2014 range.

Cineversum is pleased to introduced the Blackwing Series MK2014.

This year, the blackwing Series are back to serious competition featuring 4K display, High Frame Rate interpolation, highest contrast ever with 1,500,000:1 contrast ratio, third generation of passive 3D technology. Blackwing MK2014 webpage.

Happy New Year 2014!

All the Cineversum team wishes you an happy New Year 2014.

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