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Cineversum News and Press Releases 2010

CV News December 2010

Cineversum Force One pictured in Singapore lifestyle magazine: EPICURE. More pictures of the Force One installed in Cape Town, South Africa.

CV News November 2010

New Force Series catalog is being extended with two 3D models. Available from 3000 up to 10 000 lumens, they bring 3D experience to your XXL rooms.

CV News October 2010

Cineversum au Monaco Audio Video Show de la Haute-Fidélité. Showrooms and Blackwing articles around the globe (France, China, Spain, Portugal and Taiwain).

CV News July 2010

Ong Radio in Singapore becomes official Cineversum Expert. New distributor in Alicante, Spain. New Shanghai demo-room and Force One covered in the press.

CV News June 2010

Cineversum kicks off with a new approach to home cinema in South Africa.

Fête de la Musique - Paris

Cineversum supports the "36h de Saint-Eustache" event in Paris: a free-entrance 36 hours non-stop concert in a church during Fête de la Musique festival June 20-21.

CV News May 2010: White Glass LE

Cineversum introduces the White Glass, a limited edition of the Blackwing Series projectors dedicated to living rooms.

New Cineversum distributor

Top AV Design, the new Cineversum distributor in Bulgaria will demonstrate Blackwing at the Hi-Fi Expo Sofia (3-6 June 2010) in Rooms 105 & 106.

New Cineversum distributor

Sentiment HiFi appointed as the exclusive Cineversum distributor in China, Hong Kong and Macau. Contact Yannick Verry.

New Force One projector

Cineversum unleashes Force One, the ultimate projector for XXL home cinemas. Stunning picture even on extra large screens. Read article.

CV News April 2010: the Cinemax Kit for mk2010 is available

Thanks to this proprietary accessory, you will be able to watch movies in their genuine cinemascope format on a 2.35:1 screen.

Blackwing Four Carbon

The BlackWing Four Carbon brings audacity of shape and uncompromising performance to the worldwide famous and multi-awards BlackWing Series.

New Blackwing Four projector

Cineversum is proud to announce the BlackWing Four, with its 70,000:1 contrast ratio, is now the top model of the worldwide famous and multi-awards BlackWing Series.

New Cineversum Distributor

HappyTV appointed as the exclusive Cineversum distributor in Sweden. Contact: happyTV AB - BOX 101 85 - 10055 STOCKHOLM.

Shanghai International AV Show 2010

Sentiment HiFi officialy introduces the new Blackwing MK2010 Series. 26-28 march 2010, Booth multi-function room n°1, 3 floor, Skyway Pullman Hotel.

CV News Feb 2010: New 2010 collection of BlackWing Two and Three models

The new BlackWing Two and Three join the existing BlackWing One -introduced in 2009- and replace the previous 3-chip LCoS models.

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