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Cineversum News and Press Releases 2009

CV News October 2009: New Cinemax Pro Kit

New version of the popular static anamorphic kit: the Cinemax Pro Kit. Hanzel Audio is the new official Cineversum distributor in Slovakia.

CV News September 2009: BlackWing One in the lab

BlackWing One has been reviewed in famous Spanish magazine Cine En Casa. Read more.

Frankston HiFi, VIC, Australia obtains June’09 “Best CV shop” award

Best Cineversum Shop award goes to Frankston HiFi (Frankston, VIC, Australia). His last creation, a thrilling “Bat Cave”, deserved the award.

CV News February 2009: New Cinemax Kit

The optional Cinemax Kit features a fixed cinemascope projection, taking full advantage of the proprietary BlackWing One Theatre Mode.

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