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ico 2019

The Blackwing MK2019 are based on a revolutionary platform built around a 4K light engine. Their native resolution is 4096 x 2160 pixels and they display bright and crisp images. With the new HDR auto-tone mapping, the pictures obtained are truly amazing out of the box.

To help you explore all these different installation possibilities and choose the optimum for your specific requirement, the Cineversum solutions are available through carefully selected and highly skilled Home Cinema Authorized Dealers.

Ultimate passive 3D Kit for Blackwing

Ultimate PiCel Passive 3D Kit for Blackwing Series

  • Plug and play, easy to set up
  • No more IR of RF interferences due to 3D syncro emitter
  • Only one projector is necessary to create the 3D effect
  • First passive 3D polarizer to fit anamorphic setups

  • Highest contrast 3D projection picture on the market
  • Smooth and more comfortable image (no headache, no eye strain)
  • High brightness in 3D mode
  • Richer and more natural colors

  • Lightweight, cost-effective, heavy-duty glasses (no electronic, no batteries)
  • Clip-On item for customers who wear viewing glasses


No compromises have been made on the size of components to allow a wider field of view and the use of large anamorphic lenses. Therefore it is possible to perfectly fit brighter and larger screens.

Easy to install

Tighten only three screws to install the Passive 3D kit. Then just follow the simple steps from the installation guide and be ready for an incredible 3D experience.

Anamorphic Setups

The Ultimate passive 3D kit is compatible with anamorphic conversion lenses.

Passive 3D Glass

The premium passive 3D glasses are extremely comfortable thanks to their light weight and the flicker-free technology.

Major reasons to upgrade to Passive 3D

As far as the spectators are concerned, there's an immediate benefit to Passive 3D over Active 3D: the weight of the glasses. Thanks to the absence of embedded electronics and battery, the 3D glasses are ten times lighter than the active 3D ones. Besides, Cineversum can also supply the Clip-On item to customers who already wear viewing glasses. They weight 1 gram and are literally imperceptible.

The glasses are called "passive" in the sense that there is no active shutter. Thanks to the use of the Passive 3D kit, the perception of the 3D images is smooth. The spectator therefore feels more comfortable. This reduces the eye strain, avoids the headaches or nausea that sometimes disturb a few spectators during the usual active 3D projections. Last but not least, the passive 3D glasses are much cheaper than active ones and they have no battery to replace.

Passive 3D Clip-On

The optional Clip-On can be clipped onto any viewing glasses and it weighs less than 1 gram.


The Passive 3D glasses and Clip-On that come with the Cineversum Passive 3D Kit don't use any battery or electronic components.
02 passive kit

Innovative Passive 3D solution

Up to now, Passive 3D has generally meant stacking two projectors to produce the stereoscopic effect. This involved a long and hard time to align two images and obtain a good color balance. And of course it also meant twice the budget. Thanks to the Cineversum passive 3D upgrade kits, this is no longer the case: only one projector is required and necessary to obtain a bright and detailed picture up to 270" diagonal screens (6 meters wide). This results in an unprecedented saving of time and money.

Latest PiCel technology

The extremely fast switching surface is made of the latest and fastest PiCel Technology developed for the Cineversum Ultimate passive 3D kit. Thanks to the ultra fast stereoscopic modulation, ghost pictures are nonexistent.


Installation TEST PATTERNs (Zip format - 348 Ko)

Blackwing Ultimate passive 3D Kit - picture pack (Zip format - 9.7 Mo)

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