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ico 2019

The Blackwing MK2019 are based on a revolutionary platform built around a 4K light engine. Their native resolution is 4096 x 2160 pixels and they display bright and crisp images. With the new HDR auto-tone mapping, the pictures obtained are truly amazing out of the box.

To help you explore all these different installation possibilities and choose the optimum for your specific requirement, the Cineversum solutions are available through carefully selected and highly skilled Home Cinema Authorized Dealers.

Static Anamorphic Kit


Static Anamorphic Kit for Blackwing Series

  • High quality spherical anamorphic lens
  • No more black bars when watching movies in their original aspect ratio
  • Easy setup, only one time configuration is required
  • Permanently installed in front of the projector
  • The aspect ratios are controlled directly from the projector remote control
  • Home automation via the projector: straight forward setting up

Static Anamorphic Kit


Assembly and Calibration manual (PDF format - 1.21 Mo)

Drilling mask for the lens support (PDF format - 28 Ko)

Lens dimensions (PDF format - 69 Ko)

Lens support dimensions (PDF format - 44 Ko)

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