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The Blackwing Essential MK2019 Series have the same form factor from the previous MK2018 Series. They have 4K E-shift display panels and offer a great picture quality at for the money. They are of course compatible with the latest HDR movies and the best 4K sources.

To help you explore all these different installation possibilities and choose the optimum for your specific requirement, the Cineversum solutions are available through carefully selected and highly skilled Home Cinema Authorized Dealers.


Blackwing Essential MK2019

  • 4K projection, thanks to the 3x Full-HD display chips
  • 2 High fidelity video inputs: HDMI 2.0b with HCDP 2.2
  • "Low Latency Mode" for immersive Gaming, Virtual Reality and Simulation
  • HDR compatibility with MaxCLL / MaxFALL detection
  • Accepts 4K inputs up to 4096 x 2160 @ 60 Hz - YUV 4:4:4
  • Bright output: 1900 ANSI Lumens
  • Amazing 1,300,000:1 dynamic contrast
  • 1/16 pixel steps color alignment
  • Fully motorized 65mm lens with 10 position memories
  • 80% Vertical and 34% Horizontal lens shift
  • 6 pre-configured picture profiles, including THX standard/li>
  • 9 additional user configurable profiles, including 4 for Installation Experts
  • Advanced calibration menu with CMS
  • One 12V trigger for on/off operations and anamorphic setups
  • RS-232 and RJ-45 LAN control for an easier home integration
  • Very resistant chassis
  • Elegant French design

The "Low Latency Mode" enables a thrilling Gaming, Virtual Reality and even Simulation experiences on very large screens.

4K, the Ultra High Definition is now available. This new format is 4 times the definition of that of 1080p Full-HD and produces the sharpest picture ever available, even at the cinema.

The Blackwing Series MK2019 have a bright light output for their category. This brightness will accommodate bigger and brighter screens, and High Dynamic Range pictures.

The THX certification aims at a faithful 2D and 3D images reproduction at home. This indicates that the Blackwing Essential MK2019 have cleared more than 400 rigorous image quality tests.

The 400Hz mode, featuring an extrapolating algorithm to calculate with extreme precision intermediate frames. Movies has never pop out so much before. Enjoy live events and TV shows with a true-to-life representation!

The Blackwing MK2019 have a large zoom range and precise light output control, that will help accommodating any screen sizes from 60" to 200" diagonal (1m30 to 4m40 wide).

High Dynamic Range

The HDMI 2.0b inputs can automatically detect High Dynamic Range (HDR) sources and their respective MaxCLL and MaxFALL parameters.

DCI-P3 color gamut

The BW Essential models have an exclusive DCI filter that extends their color gamut beyond DCI-P3 standard making them a reliable choice for BT.2020 color reproduction.

Dynamic Iris

The new dynamic iris multiplies the native contrast ratio by 10. The native 130,000:1 contrast is tremendously boosted to 1,300,000:1.

Cinema-like performance

The association of the full-glass 65mm diameter lens with the superior 3-chip light engine gives the best out of any picture. The internal video-processor enhances the input signal quality and removes video noise.

Fine color alignment

Thanks to the 4K Interpolation engine, the color alignment is now feasible into steps as fine as 1/16 pixel.

6-axis Calibration


The Blackwing Essential come with an advanced calibration menu. The color balance can be set from the existing pre-configured profiles and stored into the 5 user profiles or the 4 lockable "Expert" profiles.

Expert Calibration Menu

  • Quick Bright & Dark levels
  • Film Tone W-RGB balance
  • Complete control over color balance

Full-HD 3D

The 3D projection delivered by the Blackwing Series is extremely pleasant and relaxing by processing 3D movies in their native Full-HD resolution. Our exclusive ergonomic 3D-glasses and the new 3D adjustments menu also bring a new level of comfort to 3D projection standards.

  • Up to 120Hz synchronization signal
  • 3D Parallax adjustment
  • Cross-Talk cancellation quick setting

3D input formats:
  • 1080p - 23.98/24Hz - Frame Packing, Top & Bottom and Side-by-Side
  • 720p - 50 or 59.94/60Hz - Frame Packing, Top & Bottom and Side-by-Side
  • 1080i/p - 50/60Hz - Side-by-Side
  • 3DTV PLAY for PC games and HTPC

3D Confort

When it comes to 3D projection, our efforts are focused on your comfort. The Blackwing Series feature a new left-right frame separation to drastically reduce 3D ghosting, even with video games.

3DTV PLAY™ by Nvidia

Nvidia 3DTV PLAY software lets you connect a Nvidia GeForce GPU-powered PC or notebook to the Blackwing Series to enjoy big-screen 3D entertainment experience in high definition.


The Static Anamorphic Kit features a high quality spherical anamorphic lens fixed in front of the projector. It eliminates the ugly and annoying black bars from the movies that can now been seen in their original cinemascope aspect ratio.

Anamorphic Lens kit

  • Permanent installation
  • Easy setup
  • Up to 25% brightness increase
  • Automation

RF 3D kit, the latest innovations for Blackwing

RF3D dongle and glasse for Blackwing LCoS

The Blackwing MK2019 projectors are 3D capable. They are optimized to be used with our optional active 3D accessories: the minimalist RF dongle and the ergonomic 3D RF glasses. The best performances are attained by using our 5D projection screens, doubling the system brightness. These exceptional accessories bring perfect 3D projection even in enlightened environments with no more 3D sync lost.

Active shutter glass technology

The Blackwing Series use, just like in 3D cinemas, active shutter glasses technology to easily switch between 2D and 3D projection without quality loss.
passive kit

Thanks to the innovative Passive 3D Kit, the Blackwing 3D projectors can now be used with passive glasses. Therefore, the stereoscopic effects are more comfortable thanks to the brighter and smoother 3D picture obtained.
The Passive 3D Kit is an absolute upgrade for any Blackwing projectors.

Passive 3D Glasses

The Passive 3D Kit comes with 4 passive glasses. They are extremely comfortable thanks to their light weight and flicker-free technology.


Blackwing MK2019 specifications (PDF format - 1.52 Mo)


Blackwing picture pack (zip format - 3.55 Mo)

Ceiling Mount for Blackwing (R599859, PDF format - 885 Ko)

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